Wednesday Addams

Joined us on 10/05/2022
From OC Animal Care

“I may not be able to see you, but I certainly can smell you and will find you!”


When Wednesday came in to foster mom’s home she had a large mass on her belly and needed to be spayed. With a name like Wednesday Addams, it seemed only too ironic that her surgery fell on Halloween. We are happy to report the surgery was a success and Wednesday is back to her peppy and adorably cute self!

Though Wednesday is completely blind, she follows her siblings around to the door whenever foster mom comes home. She loves to be scratched on her chest, loves food (but despised pumpkin) and will remind you when you are late with dinner or breakfast. Most Pomeranians have a reputations for being barky, but not this girl! The only time she makes sounds is when she needs to go out to use the potty or when she’s hungry. And they are the cutest little whines! She sleeps through the night, has no problem will little or big doggies and loves all humans that want to take the time to pet her. Oh! And she does the CUTEST head turns when ever you talk to her!