Scooby Doo

Joined us on 06/26/2022
From Chula Vista Animal Care

Scooby Dooby Doo, we love you!


Scooby Doo, formerly Murphy, is close to his first year anniversary in our home! He started off as a shy and quiet buddy to his older small dog roomies. He is now a I-think-I’m-smaller-than-I-am, lovable lapdog! He loves to roll on his back joyfully when he wakes up in the morning and will plant you a big doggie smooch when you’re tying your shoes. He is in stage 2 kidney failure, which makes him our Forever Foster. Thankfully, he is responding beautifully to his herbal supplements and diet. And you would never know his state, especially with his happy tippy taps when he greets you. He loves to play with his doggie sisters and will even let them steal toys when they feel like it. He is a gentleman with his feline roomies and a big fan of cuddling with his 11 year old human. Scooby is an absolute joy.