Our Valentine's Day Fundraiser

Heart disease is a common medical issue with aging pets, especially if they haven’t had the best diet, exercise, or dental care. The good news is that it can be managed, and aging pets can live long, full lives with the right care and medications! At Lionel’s Legacy, we are here to be their advocates, knowing they may need costly medications and a permanent home right here with one of our families. Check out some of our “heart” dogs who are currently thriving thanks to Lionel’s Legacy!

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Meet Ash, aka "Little Guy"

Due to a lack of dental treatment, this little fellow suffered heart disease 624 days ago when he came to us from the Imperial Valley Humane Society. He is currently being treated with Pemodenan, and he may require additional treatment in the future.

$10.00 / month

Meet BamBam

Thanks to our vets and 3 extremely crucial life-saving cardiac drugs, this guy has been with us for 1836 days, which is a lot of heartbeats! BamBam is 15 years old and has been with us since 2018.

$10.00 / month

Meet Cookie

Bad teeth were apparent when this dog woke up. His heart problem progressed, and he now takes Pemodenan to treat it. The good news is that the medication has halted the progression of heart failure, and we were able to safely perform a dental on him not too long ago; he is now feeling much better.

$10.00 / month

Meet Meli Moo

Out of all of our senior sweeties, she is the one who takes the most pills. Meli has been with us for 584 days thanks to a combination of 4 cardiac meds, a cough suppressant, Chinese herbs, and Lionel’s Lunchbox. Woohoo!

$10.00 / month

Meet Stella

She not only combats heart failure but she also has epilepsy! The power of the pill has given her 878 days with her forever foster family.

$10.00 / month

Meet Violet

This love has an enlarged heart and we instantly fell in love! She will need heart support in the near future and likely for life. Fortunately we know all the tricks of the trade so we will make sure she gets everything she needs!

$10.00 / month

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