Joined us on 09/26/2021
From Always Home Program

Diabetes can’t slow me down!


Sammy was surrendered to our care through our Always HOME program after his family was unable to continue his care. He is the sweetest little boy ever, when meeting him you would never believe he is mostly blind and diabetic. Sammy is the best dog in the whole wide world except for 2 things – Cars and friends. He doesn’t like cars, he’s gotten a lot better when he knows he gets to go camping, but he loves friends so much he has to have lots of them. Sammy is the grand greeter and test doggy at Casa De Lionel too! Sammy gets insulin injections twice daily and he takes them like a champ… as long as he gets his treat afterwards! But honestly, we’ve had a ton of Diabetic dogs and he’s one of the most stable Diabetics and a breeze to give insulin to. Sammy has annual curves and lab work and will need another dental soon, Diabetics need to have their teeth cleaned pretty regualrly!