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Rickson’s story, like so many, is heartbreaking. He was a loved dog, slept in bed and cuddled on the couch until his owner passed away. He was young and completely stressed and overwhelmed and instead of sitting silently and peacefully in a shelter kennel waiting for someone to come by and adopt him he became stressed and developed severe behavioral issues. He was transferred to one rescue agency and then another as he became self distructive as a result of his extreme anxiety and would sometimes redirect on other dogs and even people. He was afraid of the world, it had been good to him and then it was all taken away. He became sanctuaried at a facilty that housed and worked with dangerous dogs and there he stayed enduring extreme heat and cold for a few years. When we met him he seemed like a tortured soul, we believed he had significant medical issues and mentally was beyond repair. It took a very special family to see through his extreme anxiety and we made a commitment at Casa De Lionel to love him unconditionally and keep him safe. Today he is an amazing boy as long as he has a lot of structure and routine. He loves other animals big and small and has learned to trust other humans again. He is 13 -14 years old now and has advanced Cushings which we are managing and keeping him comfortable. He has seen a lot of friends come and go at Casa De Lionel in the 3 years he’s been with us and each time the loss is hard on him.