Joined us on 01/01/2021
From Humane Society Imperial County


“Ozzey came to us in January 2021, and it was apparent that he had spent much of his life in a backyard. Despite the many layers of filth that had covered his entire body, his fantastic personality continued to shine through. When Ozzey smiles, so does everyone else in the room – he is a character! Although he had difficulty navigating hard surfaces such as tile or hardwoods, and would not walk off the carpet or rug, we thought for sure he would be adopted in no time. However, life had a different plan for Ozzey and he became a forever foster.
Where is he now?!
Forever foster family had this to say:
“Ozzey is doing so great. Papa lost his feline companion a few months back, around the same time that Ozzey came to us as an adoptable foster. During this time Papa and Ozzey totally bonded and Ozzey spent his time keeping Papa company – where Papa is, you could be sure to find Ozzey trailing behind. They were so cute together and Ozzey made such a great companion for Papa; we were gritting our teeth at the thought of letting Ozzey go. A few months after arriving, Ozzey wasn’t feeling so well so off to the vet we went and the diagnosis was not one that we wanted to hear. Ozzey was diagnosed with liver and kidney issues, and an ultrasound showed a tumor in his bladder. It was then that Lionel’s decided that Ozzey belonged in our forever foster program. It was bittersweet because we weren’t sure how much time we had left with Ozzey, but his diagnosis confirmed that Ozzey was meant to be with us and his Papa. Thankfully he hasn’t had any issues in the last few months, so we are enjoying every moment with this sweet and totally hilarious oldie, but most definitely a goodie.”
Here at Lionel’s Legacy, we celebrate all who are wise, whether they be human or canine. But when a special bond takes place like the one between Ozzey and Papa, we pause and recognize the true value of the moment.
A frito paw high five to Taryn Laube for SPONSORING Ozzey. Your support is why we can continue to save the oldies and give them a great happy ending.
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A quote from a foster: “Fostering has been a wonderful bonding experience for my relationship as it takes a lot of teamwork.”