Charmingly chatty, yet equally shy and sometimes quirky Ozzey is seeking an adopter who will ease him into the notion that there is a wide and wonderful world awaiting to be explored.  Judging by how filthy he was, we believe he may have been a backyard boy.  He digs little nests in the yard to lay in and snooze.  He has difficulty navigating hard surfaces such as tile or hardwoods, so he will do best in a carpeted home to give him the traction he needs.  Ozzie loves all creatures, two and four legged.  He gets a little intimidated by large dogs, so he would prefer a home with smaller dogs or cats, chickens, turtles, did we say he loves all creatures?.  Ozzey is house trained and requires a minimum of four daily potty breaks.  He is an extraordinarily good cuddler and he will shower you with kisses. Ozzey enjoys sleeping with his foster parents, but will likely learn to sleep close by as well. When you arrive home, he will greet you as if you are the most important person in the world and he will tell you with his incredulous smile, helicopter tail and a great deal of doggy “How was your day?, What did you do? Where did you go? Tell me everything, I MUST KNOW!  Ozzey is learning what it’s like to be loved and a little bit more of him emerges every day, he just needs a trail guide to widen his horizon.