Murphy(Scooby) -joined us 6/26/22 from Chula Vista Animal Care

Murphy is one of our younger seniors at 7 years of age. Unfortunately he joined us while being treated for Ehrlichia, a tick borne illness. In most cases pets can be treated and recover nicely from any symptoms. On some occasions dogs develop renal complications, unfortunately Murphy(Scooby) was one of those dogs. After further evaluation we discovered he was in renal failure and we devised a plan through diet and alternative medicine to help heal the damage done to his kidneys, at least as much as possible. Murphy went from peeing buckets all the time to being able to hold it through the night. We know that what we are doing is working now but with time his renal disease will progress so we decided it was best to keep him right where he is loved and cared for. His foster family is prepared to tackle whatever comes their way, they understand that giving subcutaneous fluids is in his future as his disease advances.

We are so grateful to Cindy Thompson and Cynthia Hannigan for being his MONTHLY SPONSOR ANGELS!