Katia joined us trough our Always HOME program, a promise to provide love and care for life when an owner or family is unable to continue to provide their senior sweetie with what they need. Katia is such a wonderful dog! She is loyal, attentive, and delightful. Katia is simply wonderful with people and other dogs…both large and small. Katia is quiet and calm. She is loving, and loves being carried and pet. She enjoys respectful children even if they have lots of energy. Even though she is a senior, this little darling loves to walk and even run around in the backyard! Katia is overweight so exercise is great for her, infact, she recently took a scary visit to the emergency room after overexercising and straining muscles and nerves in her neck, she is on the mend now. Katia appears to be completely housebroken too, sometimes she will hold it for a long time. Katia has some difficulty walking on slippery floors such as hardwood or vinyl. She unfortunately also has liver disease and bad teeth from lack of care over the years. Nonetheless, Katia is just a joy and we are so happy we are able to help her get the love and care she needs!