Joined us on 06/16/2021
From Pasadena Humane Society

Thanks to Lionel’s Legacy I will always have a place to call home.


When you’re old like Monte you find yourself as one of the “unadoptables” meaning you are too old and havefar too many things going on for a family to open their home to you. Well Fortunately Monte has Lionel’s Legacy to love and accept him no matter what! Monte is about 16 years young and he has been experienceing cognitive decline and sensitivity to light. He mostly sleeps, hops around excitedly for food, goes out to go potty, and sniffs around the yard when hes feeling up to it. His needs in life are pretty low, hes nearing the end of his life and we are working each day to keep him comfortable and happy. So many people are shocked he’s still with us, he gets great home cooked food from Lionel’s Lunchbox and is well taken care of! We are happy to be his family and grateful to everyone who supports us so we can!