10-year-old Evie (Lipsy) joined Lionel’s Legacy in December 2021 from At-Choo Foundation. While at the shelter, it was discovered that Lipsey had lumps in her mammary area that were removed and found to be cancerous. She does still have a perianal lump, but luckily, she seems to be stable at the moment!

Sadly, Evie is on her third foster, because it’s been very difficult for us to find fosters that are not only willing BUT ABLE to open their homes to the oldies that we all love so much. With the houseless issues that are impacting both humans and dogs, pet restrictions are not making this uphill battle any easier. So, what do we do? How do we continue to care for these HOSPICE dogs? These beautiful little creatures that have spent their LIVES loving us unconditionally, who are now being faced with euthanasia, dying alone and afraid in a cold and unfamiliar environment, because they are old and unwanted. It’s awful and we here at Lionel’s are really feeling it all.

Evie just recently went to her new foster home, but her former foster (who had to give her up do to pet restrictions) wanted to provide this update about her:

“Evie Beans (formerly lipsy) was named by my son, as he went through a list of female dog names on his own and choose Evie because it means life! And She’s still full of life and spunk despite her diagnosis! Evie is the sweetest little cuddle bug! She is a happy pup who loves everyone and everything. She is very vocal and will tell you if she needs something of if you have upset her (like leaving her at home when you go to work lol). She enjoys walks, stroller rides, car rides and naps… it seems as though she finds joy in everything. She never really plays with toys but if you give her a blanket or a bed, she knows just what to do!”