Keeping Pets HOME Program

Request for financial/medical support
Do you love your senior pet but worry at times about how you will pay for food, supplies, medications, or medical treatment for them? Thanks to a generous donation from the J.R. Peterson Foundation and general donations, the Lionel’s Legacy Keeping Pets HOME program allows low-income families to request funding to keep your senior pet(s) in your home and right by your side.
Fully complete our application online and choose from the following options:
  • $650 for emergency need (surgery and/or life-saving diagnostics)
  • $350 for annual vetting (exams, lab work, vaccines, or medications)
***Please note that we are an all-volunteer organization and CAN NOT accommodate emergency requests or reimburse pet owners directly for treatment already rendered. Typically it takes 5-7 days for your application to be reviewed and approved. We receive numerous applications weekly and are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make sure all contact information is accurately filled out otherwise, we will be unable to help you. Grant support is provided while funding is available.

Always HOME

On occasion, senior citizens are unable to keep their beloved senior dogs when they require assisted care or have passed away, and there is no next of kin. Individuals can request placement for their senior dog(s) into the Lionel’s Legacy Always HOME program. Always HOME means just that, they will always have a home with us until they are adopted or pass away. Once accepted, placement typically takes 3-4 weeks into a foster home. A minimum donation of $500 is required for placement into our Always HOME program. Donations go directly to food, supplies, and vetting for the senior dogs entering our program. Please fill out our application here.

*All of our HOME programs are based on available funding at the time of request*

Shelter to HOME

One of our goals at Lionel’s Legacy is to engage our community and encourage and support the adoption of senior dogs from our local San Diego and Orange County shelters with our S2H medical stipend. Families adopting senior dogs from our local shelters can apply for a $150 medical stipend through our online application. The stipend is awarded directly to your pet’s new vet in their name and is approved based on the following criteria:

  • Completed S2H application
  • A copy of the shelter adoption paperwork
  • A Family Photo with your new senior sweetie
The S2H stipend is awarded within 30 days of submission and approval to encourage adopters to make a commitment to their pet.