Greta – joined us 5/31/2020 from the Atchoo Foundation

Greta is a very sweet and affectionate potty trained 28 lb 9 yr. old Terrier mix who joined us from our friends at the At-Choo Foundation. They rescue dogs south of the San Diego border and Greta was one of the lucky ones to catch their eye. Greta joined us with skin issues and had a chronic and unexplained eye infection that they just couldn’t get resolved. Greta’s eye has continued to be a problem after multiple exploratory surgeries, multiple topical and oral antibiotics, xrays and specialty diagnostics. She appears to have some type of cancer in the bone in her jaw that has made her calcium levels continue to climb over the last year. Greta is happy regardless of it all, we are the ones worrying about her day and night. Her foster mom is amazing and makes sure to keep her eye as clean as possible but it’s a full time job sometimes. She loves to snuggle and is willing to watch anything you wish to. She is generally very happy to meet new dogs, but prefers low key dogs. She enjoys her outings but prefers to get from one place to the next in a cart.