Gladys joined Lionel’s Legacy on June 23, 2021, as an owner surrender from Ventura County. After a vet check discovered mammary masses, a hernia, cataracts, poor dental health, and diabetes, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Thankfully, we also knew the perfect forever foster family to place her with.

Here’s her update!
“Gladys (who we call her FiFi) was originally hospice, but hospice does not always mean there is no life left to live. Sometimes it means they need a little (or a lot) of TLC. She was very underweight when we got her 11.6 lbs. and now at last count she weighed 17.4 lbs! Diabetes, when not correctly managed, wreaks havoc on the body. We are happy to announce that she is now stable! She has multiple mammary tumors and is now scheduled for surgery, updates will come. She has a malformed front paw that makes it a little hard for her to walk at times but she still insists on going on her morning walk. She is one spunky little girl.”
Pawsome High Paw Five to Gladys’s MONTHLY SPONSORS, Judith Briggs, Savannah Noel and Susan Goff. If you’d like to support oldies but goodies like Gladys, please visit our website,

Gladys is a sweet little Shitzu mix who found herself in a shelter one day. That would be one thing but add mammary masses, a hernia, cataracts, poor dental health and the grand icing on the cake- Diabetes. Sounds like a lot, it is, but we knew that she belonged with us at Lionel’s Legacy because of our amazing foster families and willing veterinarians who are ready to go all the way for our our senior sweeties! Today she is a stable Diabetic and has oodles and oodles of friends to hang out with and play with at her foster family! Way to go Glady!