Giselle – joined us 11/18/2021 from OCAC

14 yr old Giselle, ma belle sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble……………………………………..
This girl has done nothing short of rock the whole notion of hospice. She had a malignant, ruptured mammary mass, which we had no choice but to remove knowing full well, that to do so could result in complications, but to leave it was akin to leave her with no opportunity to show us why risk and reward are woven tightly together in a tapestry of amazing colors and outcomes. Giselle is nearing 4 months post-surgery to spay her, remove the awful mass, coupled with a bunch of rotten teeth and root fragments. She arrived in our care weighing in at 4lbs and a few ounces. Today she has topped out at 5 1/2 lbs of solid piss and vinegar and she is a joy to watch, care for, snuggle with, and shower with kisses. Giselle is blind, almost deaf, but despite those two important senses, this amazing girl greets every new day with a zest for life and a ready set “let’s get this day started” attitude. She’s all about tude. Her favorite activity is pooping, she’s the James Joyce of the dog world! This girl celebrates poop like a billy goat on steroids! She literally bounces off all fours, spins, and scratches, then spikes the imaginary ball to celebrate another touchdown, and speaking of touchdowns, if we catch her early on waking up from a nap and take her outside, she gets number one completed the minute her feet touch the ground. She’s a delightful little pipsqueak that appreciates every day, every meal, every opportunity to shine as brightly as she can. As her foster mum, all I can say is thank you Lionel’s Legacy, for trusting me to care for this precious girl, and to all who have donated or sponsored her, please know we are grateful, and every dollar is spent with love for the spirit and pure joy these precious beings bring to our lives.”