Free To Chew Low Cost Community Pet Dental Clinic

Do you love your aging pet but are faced with having to decide between their care and making ends meet?  At Lionel’s Legacy we love our senior sweeties too and we understand the rising cost of care for our canine and feline companions. We want to help!

How it works!

The Lionel’s Legacy “Free To Chew” Community Dental program is part of the Lionel’s Legacy Inc. Keeping Pets HOME Program. Although we love rescuing senior dogs, we’d much prefer to see them stay with their families! The Free To Chew program is a pet retention model aimed at providing subsidized dental care for the following reasons:

1) Reducing unnecessary euthanasia and animal surrender due to lack of financial resources by pet owners.

2) Minimizing other costly medical conditions exacerbated by poor oral health.

3) Increasing quality of life, comfort, and enabling a pet to be FREE TO CHEW!

4) Providing vital care for pets so owners are not faced with having to choose between their pet’s care and medication or their own.

Why does dental care for your pet matter?

The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body! After running Lionel’s Legacy senior dog rescue for 12 years, we have seen the impact poor dental care can have on a pet’s overall health and wellbeing. Cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, infection, pain, diabetes, cancer, and dementia to name a few. When we take care of the mouth we can often improve overall health and reduce costly vet visits and medical conditions. We know after rescuing over 1,000 senior pets!

Are you 65 years of age or older with an aging pet?

As pets age their annual medical care goes up. Dental care is a vital way to maintain overall health and reduce frequent and costly vet visits. As we age we often experience the same, leaving aging pet owners to choose between their own care, medication, and essentials in order to take care of their pets. At Lionel’s Legacy we don’t want you to have to choose. Our low cost dental program will provide a full cleaning and any necessary extractions at one low price. If you are a senior human you can apply for financial assistance too!


Thanks to a generous grant from the Marion and Richard Graham Foundation we have been able to purchase some equipment to get our dental clinic up and running! There are many items we are still in need of!

Have questions?

Please reach out to us at if you have questions, want to know more, to set up a private tour, to becoe a legacy donor, or if you are interested in working at one of our clinics!