Joined Us On 3/27/23
From OC Animal Care

Nothing can get this little old man down, not even a 4lb mass!

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More About Chubbs

Meet Mr. Chubbs, quite literally the luckiest little old fart alive! Chubbs(formerly Charles) joined us from OC Animal Care and was rushed to our care due to a very large abdominal tumor that consumed his entire tummy, so much so our veterinarians didn’t know what they were dealing with until they got inside. Turned out it was a 4 lb splenic tumor and was fully removed! Chubbs recovered well and continues to do great but the biopsy did come back as a malignant cancer with a prognosis of about a year. So, this little old man is ready for a family willing to overlook his prognosis and help him make the best of the rest of his life. What do you say?

Chubbs is so good with other dogs, he’s quiet, he’s potty trained, and he loves life! He even likes to go for walks. Contact us today to learn more and let us know if you’d like to be his MONTHLY SPONSOR.