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Baxter may have epilepsy but he is enjoying life thanks to amazing medications and a wonderful foster family!

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More About Baxter

Baxter is approx. 9 yrs. young, and has been medicated for epilepsy for many years. Baxter’s mom suddenly passed away and family attempted to care for him but the daughter was due to deliver her 2nd child at the time within a matter of days. She had medical concerns of her own while also managing the loss of her mom at the same time, it was a lot. She reached out to @ocanimalcare who was at maximum capacity and they asked us to step in, we did without hesitation. Baxter is on Phenobarbital, Keppra, and Halscion to help reduce any seizure activity. He does have breakthrough seizures about once a month. Baxter is a fun loving guy who enjoys the company of humans mainly, but, also gets along with canines of all sorts. We’re not sure about cats, but we are pretty confident that he’s a go with the flow kind of guy. He loves toys, particularly sqeaky ones, with the goal to get the squeak. He has also proven that if a bag of dog food or treats are left in his path, he will without hesitation, find a way to break in and enter, so proper containment of said items is a must to keep him from going to jail for B&E.