Joined Us On 3/23/2020
From Orange County Animal Care

Bagel(formerly Angel)is living the life thanks to her foster mum and our amazing monthly sponsors!

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More About Bagel

Bagel joined Lionel’s Legacy in March of 2020, often times, forever fosters come to our rescue very sick, and a lot of time and care goes in to getting our pups stable and work on healing the best we can. We surely do have some amazing fosters. Bagel has had 2 eyes removed, a dental, has Cushings, a collapsed trachea, and is on a bronchiodilator for her allergies and breathing. Did we mention her skin???

When Bagel came to Lionel’s, she had a few issues that needed to be tended to, it was hard to know where to start. Originally the vets determined that she may not make it through surgery so we had to build her immune system up and plump up her diet with good food!. We needed to make a difficult decision and answer the question: what is best for Bagel? It was decided that we would pay close attention to her quality of life and manage the issues as best as possible. 
What is Bagel up to now?

“This month, Bagel got to celebrate several human birthdays and had a chance to show off her new party hat and crown. She really likes to take up residence on the couch where she can survey the room from her throne. Since she obviously has great taste in fashion, we like to consult her about our own outfits and whether we are looking our best! If we get a sneeze, it means we are a go, if she licks her nose, we know we need to try again! During the Thanksgiving holiday, her foster grandparents came into town and she got to sit on grandpa’s lap for hours while he watched football. She can’t eat poultry so she didn’t get any of the turkey, but she did get to have one of her favourite cod and blueberry cakes! Bagel has a new lease on life after her dental procedure and we are so grateful for the donors that made it possible!”