Joined Us On 11/28/2020
From Orange County Animal Care

I sat at the shelter for over 200 days until Lionel’s Legacy gave me a chance!

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More About Astrid

Astrid is an amazing girl who has been through a lot, she sat in a local shelter for 9 months! You’d think that would be enough to make her jaded but her smile tells you she’s all about focusing on the future! Astrid had huge oral fistulas repaired in her mouth, mammary tissue removed during her spay and a mast cell tumor removed from her rump! She is a very goofy gal, she loves to have one-on-one conversations, she loves her food, she loves her cuddles and she loves dogs once she gets to sus them out. Astrid was the bonafide gatekeeper of Casa De Lionel before she moved onto her forever foster family. All who entered our gates were greeted by the ultimate matriarch! She will woo you in ways that make you feel loved and adored and sometimes in ways that make you feel a little bit dirty! This one is a lover through and through and she has identified and harnessed her role as the big kahuna and lover of all! We could all learn  thing or 2 from our special girl Astrid.