Welcome to the FOSTER HUB! This is a designated page for everything FOSTER RELATED! Fosters, whether you have an adoptable or forever foster please fill out a monthly check-in by the 7th of each month! This is a great way to keep us up to speed on how your foster dog is doing so we can inform potential adopters, make sure our foster dogs are receiving the care they need, and support you as their foster family!

Adoptables foster coordinator – Cyndi 858-837-1034, cyndi.lionelslegacy@gmail.com

Forever Foster Coordinator – Sunny 858-733-1456, sunny.lionelslegacy@gmail.com

Please scroll down to request medication refills and supplies, request a vacation foster, and fill out a bio for your foster dog.

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Medication, food, and supply requests

Is it time to reorder medication, food, or supplies for your foster dog? Click on the link below to get started. Please give 2 weeks notice of all medication, food, and supply refills. On occasion a recheck may be required to refill a medication.

Adoptables Monthly Check-ins

It’s time to check-in! We want to know how your foster dog is getting on. Click on the button below to send us your monthly update before the 7th day of each month. 

Forever Foster Monthly Check-ins

How is your beloved forever foster doing? Click on the link below to get started on your monthly check-in. Don’t forget to update us by the 7th day of each month!

Vacation Foster Requests

Get outta town, you want to go on a vacation? Click here to start your request and we get working on a vacation placement for your foster dog locket split!

Foster Dog Bios

Foster dog bios are one of the greatest ways to get the word out about your foster dog whether it be to engage a potential adopter or sponsor. Click here to submit your foster dog’s bio. Oh, and make sure you have some fun while writing it!