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Once applications are approved, fosters will be added to our PRIVATE Lionel's Legacy Foster and Friends FB page for monthly check-ins, info. about events and updates.

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    Please submit a minimum of 4 pictures of your yard and home including fencing, pool, any steps/stairs, and main living area where the dog(s) will reside. Pictures serve as a pre-home safety check. A virtual or physical home safety check required before placing a foster dog into your home.
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    Examples: stairs, back problems, weight restrictions, allergies, not comfortable with injections, wheelchair or walker, etc. Please list below:

    Consent to Our Policies- Please review and agree to finalize application

    *I agree to keep an identification tag and collar on my foster dog at all times, whether inside or outside of the house. *I agree to keep my foster dog on leash at all times when not in the confines of my property. THIS INCLUDES ALL PARKS, BEACHES, AND PUBLIC STREETS. *I agree to care for the dog stated in the foster application in a humane and responsible manner with clean and adequate shelter, food, and water. All routine, medically necessary veterinary care due to pre-existing health or age/breed related health issues will be arranged and approved by Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue. If the injury is a result of action or negligence by the foster guardian (i.e. injury caused by being off leash outside of home, ingesting foreign objects, dog toys not approved by Lionel’s Legacy or poisons, or an attack by foster’s own pets) they will be financially responsible for treatment and care of the dog. I AGREE TO TAKE THE DOG TO A VET IMMEDIATELY FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL HELP IF POISONED OR INJURED DUE TO MY NEGLIGENCE AND IN THE EVENT I AM UNABLE TO CONTACT LIONEL’S LEGACY. *In the event that I can no longer care for the dog stated in the foster application, I will give Lionel’s Legacy 2 weeks notice or pay the cost to board the dog at Lionel’s Legacy’s discretion. *I understand that Lionel’s Legacy has the right, at any time, to approve any and all adoption applications, request visitation rights, do follow-up home-checks, and remove the dog from my home without warning or reason. *I agree to give reasonable warning of any travel plans in which the foster dog will need to be placed in someone else’s care. If traveling with my foster, I will get approval before doing so. If someone will be caring for my foster when I’m not in town, they will need to complete a volunteer application/agreement if going to the foster’s home to care for the dog. If the dog will be staying at someone else’s residence, they must complete a volunteer and foster application and agreement. *Any failure to perform the items in this agreement will be considered a breach of contract. I agree to return the dog and any supplies immediately upon the request of Lionel’s Legacy. *I assume all risks related to fostering with Lionel’s Legacy and agree to release and forever discharge Lionel’s Legacy, designees, and volunteers from any and all claims and demands whatsoever arising from fostering. This includes any damage to persons or possessions while the dog is in my care. *Lionel’s Legacy is not responsible for any medical care of animals that are owned or visiting the foster family and is exposed to the foster dog. *I understand that Lionel’s Legacy makes every effort to ensure the foster dog is healthy. There are no guarantees related to the breed of the dog, health or medical history, personality, disposition, or behavior of the dog, or appropriateness of the dog for the foster family. *I agree to attend or arrange for my foster dog to attend no less than 4 Lionel's Legacy events annually *I agree and understand that my foster dog is under the care and management of Lionel's Legacy. Lionel's Legacy appreciates input and feedback but is responsible for making any final decisions regarding my foster dog. *I agree to respond to 12 monthly check-ins within the first week of each month
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