Joined us on 10/28/2023
From OC Animal Care

At only 3lbs. and a few ounces little Flurry loves big!


Hello my name is Flurry, pleased to meet you. I might be 15 years old, but I am a puppy at heart. Living in sunny San Diego is good, but my eyes dry out a lot so I have to get daily drops of cyclosporine. Flurry enjoys going on walks but has to remember to take it easy so he doesn’t strain his heart. The veterinarian diagnosed him with an enlarged heart and stage 4 heart murmur. His heart is enlarged because he has so much love to give. Flurry is a great little guy that enjoys taking naps while cuddling with his family. Recently Flurry had lost some weight and xrays and an ultrasounds showed a mass on his spleen. Due to how fragile little Flurry is we made a decision as a group to let him live out his life happily in his forever foster home. He’s getting fresh food, great heart medications, and lots of love!