• Potential adopter fills out a non-binding application either online or at an event
  • Someone will speak with you at an event or contact you to discuss your application
  • All members of the potential adopter’s household (including pets) will meet the dog
  • We will schedule a home check
  • Potential adopter will foster the dog for a two week ‘foster-to-adopt’ period. This foster-to-adopt period is intended to give the potential adopter a chance to get to know the dog, make sure it is the right fit, as well as give the dog a chance to settle in and show its true potential
  • If after the foster-to-adopt period it is deemed a match made in heaven, the adoption will be finalized by signing an adoption contract and paying an adoption fee
Dogs 10 years old and younger are $195, dogs 11 years old and older are $95. If a dog has a long term medical condition the adoption fee will be $95 regardless of age. The fee is tax deductible.
Lionel’s Legacy is based out of San Diego, CA. We are a foster home-based organization, which means each of our dogs live with a foster family who has opened their hearts and homes to the dog. Our foster homes are spread out over San Diego and Orange counties. We do not have a facility where you can come and meet all of the dogs. We do have regular adoption events where many of the dogs attend. If you are interested in meeting a specific dog please contact us and we will arrange a time and place for everyone to meet.
We only accept foster homes in San Diego or Orange counties. The reason being that while in foster homes Lionel’s Legacy provides all necessary food, medication, and veterinary care; we need the foster homes to be close by so that we can provide the care and support to our foster families. We primarily adopt in Southern California. We will make exceptions for long-distance or out-of-state adoptions if the adopter is willing to come to San Diego to meet the dog and drive the dog back home. The potential adopter will also need to be willing to do a ‘virtual homecheck’ via Skype or Facetime. We will not ship dogs.
All dogs are vaccinated against rabies, bordatella and distemper, microchipped and, if medically sound, spayed/neutered prior to adoption. All dogs have been seen by a vet, treated as appropriate, and their medical conditions will be fully disclosed.
If a dog is on long term medication (for arthritis, hypothyroidism, etc) Lionel’s Legacy will provide a one month supply at the time of adoption. The adopter assumes all medical responsibility, including purchasing medication, for the dog.
We receive numerous requests each month to take in dogs. We are not a shelter and do not take in dogs from general public. We only consider owner surrenders in situations where the owner is elderly or incapacitated and has either passed away or is entering assisted living or hospice care. Even in those situations we are only able to take in dogs when we have sufficient resources available, including a foster home. Thus, accepting dogs into the rescue takes several weeks to several months. Please plan accordingly if you or your family foresees such changes in the future. For all others we are happy to help direct you to housing resources for living/renting with pets in the San Diego area, direct you to trainers for assisting with behavioral issues, and provide help from personal experiences with introducing pets to new babies.
Lionel’s Legacy is an all-volunteer rescue. We each have full-time jobs and families. We strive to return phone calls and emails within 1-2 days, but sometimes they get lost in mix, or an emergency distracts us. Please send a follow up email to Seniors@LionelsLegacy.org, include your contact information, and we will get to you just as soon as we can. We appreciate all our volunteers, followers and supporters and strive to respond to every inquiry.
We can give you plenty of reasons to adopt a senior dog, but we’ll list just a few reasons we liked from Petfinder and The Senior Dogs Project…
  • Older dogs are housetrained
  • Senior dogs know what “no” means, making training easier
  • Older dogs are FANTASTIC at giving love!
  • Puppies are a lot of work. A LOT.
  • You know what you’re getting with a senior dog
  • A puppy’s size may be unpredictable


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us!