Evie – joined us 10/21/2021 from OCAC

Evie is a 12 yr old Pomeranian/Chi mix with a lot of sass. She’s an excellent source of snuggles and prefers to sleep with her human. Evie is potty trained, but needs to go out multiple times per day because she doesn’t alert when she needs to do her business. She is uncomfortable on leash and prefers to follow along unrestrained. Evie is playful, good with cats, dogs and even bunnies. Well, let’s just say she is indifferent to animals. Evie is a shadow dog and wants to be close by her person. She howls quietly when left alone, so she would be best in a home with someone who is retired or works from home. Evie is a wonderful companion, seeking one of her own. Evie has glaucoma and is on eye medication that helps keep her eye pressure regulated. We know there’s a high chance she may require an enucleation in the future.

Evie is still waiting for a monthly sponsor of her own!