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From OC Animal Care

I may not remember who you are but I am grateful you love me!


18 yrs young Elizabeth, is a beautiful black and white Dachshund mix weighing in at 15lbs. She was recently vetted and her labs and x-rays were astonishingly unremarkable for her age and breed!, however she is sight and hearing impaired. When she’s not napping, she enjoys backyard strolls. She loves to run, which actually looks a lot more like hopping due to her classic short dachshund wheels. Elizabeth is very independent and doesn’t seem to want to interact with her canine pals or humans. We are patiently awaiting for this to change, once she settles in. She recently had a dental coupled with a nasty extraction or two. We hope she will feel better soon and start mingle. Cookie is feeling 10x better after surgery and getting his heart medications and Cushings plan under control.