Sponsor a Senior

Looking for a way to help Lionel’s Legacy continue saving senior dogs? Consider sponsoring a senior sweetie each month or contributing to our “Oopsie Fund.” The Lionel’s Legacy “Oopsie” Fund helps us continue to provide care to all of our senior sweeties when unexplained colds, accidents, or medical issues arise. Sponsorship helps to cover various monthly medications, special food or supplies, or any medical needs that arise (labs, cultures, surgeries, x-rays).
Each dog can be sponsored for:


  • $10 per month
  • $25 per month
  • $50 per month
On average, we spend approximately $850 per dog annually, and sponsorships are vital for providing ongoing care for our seniors.

Lionel’s Legacy is an all-volunteer-run group, so all donations go towards the care of our senior sweeties! Please go to our Forever Foster page to view animals still needing sponsorship, select the monthly reoccurring donation amount you’re comfortable with, and write the name of the dog you’d like to sponsor. If you aren’t sure which senior sweetie to choose, you can donate to our “Oopsie Fund”, which goes towards our monthly general medical costs.

Sponsor A Senior

$10 – Partial Monthly Sponsorship for Individual Dog