Joined us on 11/27/2023
From San Diego Humane Society

Multiple medical issues can’t slow this boy down!


Cookie is an 11-year old male Yorkie with an old soul. He loves to eat and loves it even more when he gets a treat, although not too often to prevent getting sick, which is probably true for most pets. Cookie is potty trained and uses the doggie door with no issues. He is not a fan of puppies, but gets along with the one we have and tolerates her while she tries to play with him. He does get along with other older dogs with no problems since they tend to keep to themselves. Coookie is one of our senior sweeties with multiple medical issues but you would never know it. He recently had a very speciialized ear resection surgery after dealing with numerous painfull and bloody ear infections from years of chronic infections that led to lesions in his ear. Cookie also takes Vetmedin and Enalapril for his heart, is on Traditonal Chinese Medicine for Cushings, eats a fresh food diet, and also takes 1/8 tsp (twice a day) of Voltrex Enhanced Bupleurum and Cinnamon Twig combination for joint discomfort. Cookie is not a “take me on a walk” kind of dog. If we open the front door, he runs to the car for a ride. He loves to sit shotgun and sometimes will stand up to look out the window. He does have a little separation anxiety and can be overly excited to see you when you come back home after being gone. He is getting much better and not as anxious as he used to be when we first started fostering him and calms down after a few minutes. Cookie likes to lay down on the couch if you’re sitting on it, but will also lay on the floor next to you. He does not lay down on doggie pillows or doggie beds if they are on the floor. We’re not sure why he doesn’t like doggie pillows or beds, but he will lay it down all day on our bed. He can be playful and it’s so funny when he gets excited since Yorkie’s have a little nub for a tail and it just goes bizzerk when he’s excited!