Joined us on 04/13/2021
From Barstow Humane Society

And yes, my name is Beni the Biter for a reason.


Benni Boo is the cutest little Terripoo who may be a senior but acts like a little boy who is looking for lots of reassurance. He is a social boy and enjoys meeting new friends and seeing the world. Beni is 99.9% amazing except he has very specific boundaries when it comes to getting up in his face, he’s just not comfortable with it so we decided to make him a forever foster since his mom is so good at recognizing his boundaries. Most of the time we make our senior sweeties forever fosters due to age and medical conditions but sometimes it’s because a dog knows what he wants and he will do what’s necessary to get it, even if it means sinking his teeth into your face! He loves car rides, he is potty trained, he prefers to be an only dog but can be in a home with other dogs if you are dog savvy enough to set some boundaries. Beni is about 9, he has a healthy amount of energy, loves toys, he loves his crate (which is his safe zone).