Bam Bam

Joined us on 01/30/2018
From the San Diego Dept of Animal Services

I may not have any teeth and a wonky heart but I can still teach those young whipper snappers a trick or 2!


18-year-old BamBam (fka Shifty McShady) joined Lionel’s Legacy in January 2018 from the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services. Aurelia, BamBam’s former foster mum, filled out an adoption application for BamBam, but after conferring with her, we realized she wasn’t in a position to care for him financially, and she needed some assistance with medications, food, and getting him to vet appointments. She was extremely lonely and wanted a companion. We immediately determined that it would be best for her to join our Seniors-4-Seniors program, and so BamBam went to live with her! Sadly, Aurelia passed away at the beginning of 2020, so BamBam went into his current home as a Forever Foster with the Noll family!

BamBam’s forever foster family has this to say:
“BamBam has been a permanent fixture at our home as a forever foster, and we consider him to be a very good boy indeed. His nickname is “mouth” but what else would you expect from a 5 pound chihuahua who first came to the group as a stray. We estimate him to be about 18 years old now. He originally came to our house as a temporary foster for two or three months when his foster mom became ill. He then returned to us about six months later when his foster became ill and then passed. BamBam is now permanently part of our family. He takes his job very seriously to let us know when the mailman comes, and we depend on him to let us know when packages arrive. BamBam also has a very sweet side and it just melts your heart when he comes up to you and rubs against you and wants to be picked up and cuddled. Of course, he has a one-person rule. He only does this one person at a time and will bark at anyone who tries to muscle in on his cuddle time. What’s also amazing that even with his arthritis and his age he is potty trained with very rare rare rare accidents. Lately he had not been feeling well and we took him in to visit with Dr. Mosley of ECV and he is now on 3 heart meds. and anti inflammatories. We are still trying to find the best way to give him the meds – for him. So, we are trying to see is it works well in his food and are looking to try the furosemide in liquid. We are not new to giving heart meds, but his challenge is that he has a lower rubber jaw and one tooth. He’s one cute guy and we hope to have him with us a long long time.”