12 yr old Astrid is an amazing girl who has been through a lot, she sat in a local shelter for 9 months! She is a greeter at Casa De Lionel, the hub of Lionel’s Legacy. She has had 3 surgeries over while in our care – the first to remove her mammary masses and a dental, 2nd to repair her dental as her remaining teeth were digging holes into her gums and remove a mast cell tumor, and 3rd another surgery to remove another mammary mass that popped up. You’d think that would be enough to make her jaded but her smile tells you she’s all about focusing on the future! She is so spoiled which is everything we wanted for her. Her cancer hasn’t returned or spread yet but her arthritis is really beginning to catch up with her, some days are good days and some she prefers to stay in bed. For now she’s on Gold standard herbs and anti-inflammatories for her arthritis and it seems to be keeping her going strong!

Thank you to Leslie Bernal and Kristin Porter for being Astrid’s monthly sponsors!