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Lionel’s Legacy senior dog rescue is located in San Diego, CA. We primarily adopt to families in Southern California but will consider out of area adoptions if all requirements are met. All adoptions begin with a non-binding application, home safety check, and require all adopting family members to meet the dog you are interested in adopting. If there are any pets in the home we recommend at least one pet attends the initial meet. Adopters agree to a 2 week trial sniffing period in which all necessary food, supplies, and medical care are provided. If for any reason the adoption does not work out, adopters must agree to make arrangements to transport the animal back to San Diego, CA.

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      Please submit a minimum of 4 pictures of your home and yard, including fencing, pool, any steps/stairs, and the main living area where the dog(s) will reside. Pictures will serve as a pre-home safety check as part of our adoption process. A virtual or physical homecheck is required before placing a dog into your home.
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    • Consent to Our Policies - Please review and agree to finalize application

      *I agree to treat the dog humanely by providing adequate food, shelter, water, and annual veterinary care. *I agree to obey county public Leash Laws and keep ID tags and microchip current at all times with current name, address, and phone number. Adopter is responsible for licensing pet(s) with local law enforcement/animal controlling services. *In the event that the dog becomes lost, adopters will check with all local city and county shelters and contact Lionel’s Legacy for help. *I understand that during the 2 week trial sniffing period the dog is legally owned by Lionel's Legacy. As the potential adopter, I understand that I will be responsible for medical care if I am unable to bring the dog to a veterinarian that Lionel's Legacy partners with. If that occurs and the dog needs to be vetted then Lionel's Legacy will waive the adoption fee. *If you can no longer keep your adopted dog once the adoption has been finalized then you’re required per this agreement to contact Lionel’s Legacy at 619-212-5623 to return the dog to Lionel's Legacy at your sole expense. WE REQUIRE AT LEAST 2 WEEKS NOTICE TO FIND PLACEMENT FOR THE DOG. If 2 weeks is not given and we don't have immediate placement options then you’ll be solely responsible for the cost of boarding the dog at our discretion at the cost of up to $40 per day. In addition, this dog will not be sold, adopted to another party, given to another party, or surrendered to a shelter. A minimum $250 surrender fee will be required for any dog(s) being returned to Lionel’s Legacy outside of the Foster-to-adopt trial period. Special circumstances may be considered. *Lionel’s Legacy is not responsible and shall not be held liable for any and all damages caused by the adopted dog whether it be to property, person(s), or other pets. I understand that Lionel’s Legacy makes every effort to make sure the foster dog is healthy. There are no guarantees related to the breed of the dog, health, medical history, personality, disposition, behavior of the dog, or appropriateness of the dog for the adopter. If any medical problems should arise, Lionel’s Legacy is not responsible for any medical bills. *I assume all risks related to adopting a dog from Lionel's Legacy and agree to release and forever discharge Lionel’s Legacy and any fosters or volunteers from any and all claims and demands whatsoever arising from adoption.
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