Joined us on 08/20/2022
From the San Diego Dept of Animal Services

Adam may be a big ole pitty but he’s also a big ole baby!


Adam is a sweet ole luber! He is goofy, silly, loves to please, and loves all dogs big and small. He has major stranger danger because he’s a very sensitive soul so he is a permanent foster at Casa De Lionel as we understand his special needs. Adam joined us after being fostered in the shelter foster program for 6 months. For the most part he did really well in a quiet home but as soon as new people came around he became really fearful and defensive. Thanks to the support of a wonderful trainer, Peggy Myers, Adam has really grown to be more confident and trusting of people as long as he is introduced in the right way. We have signs and a system here at Casa De Lionel when visiting our home and greeting Adam, as long as you follow the system he wil be your bestest friend ever. After thinking about what was best for Adam and the rest of the animal loving world, we decided to keep him right where he belongs, as the grand doggy ambassador and greeter of the new old farts that join us!