12-year-old Abby came to Lionel’s in November 2020. Though she looked healthy, she did have some hind end weakness and was in dire need of a dental. We patched her up and then she was ready for her forever family. But sometimes when the pups join Lionel’s, we come to realize that they are already in their forever home!

This is what forever foster family had to say about this senior sweetie!

“This is my Aba-Girl! She is the silliest thing. Her favorite thing is to sneak up on the cat and jump at her to watch her go running! Her second favorite thing to do is grin in that happy dog way and we are a sucker for that cuteness! Oh! And she LOVES to sleep…or maybe she loves to eat more?! We love this little big girl and are so grateful for the time we have with her.” Recently Abby has been slowing down a bit, having some cognitive changes, and she just had an ulcerated growth on her head removed. We can’t do it without our foster families and monthly sponsors, thank you so much!

Thank you Kathy MacMaster for being Abby’s monthly sponsor!