Lionel’s Legacy is made up of a team of incredibly loving and dedicated volunteers! Each volunteer commits to a year of service in addition to their jobs and families! It is because of our incredible team that we continue to do the great work of advocating for senior dogs in our community!

Laura Oliver
Laura OliverDirector of Operations & Medical Coordinator
Cathy and Hailey McKinney
Cathy and Hailey McKinneyKeeping Pets HOME Coordinators
Susan Hueck
Susan HueckEvent Coordinator
Katie Franzi
Katie FranziFundraising Coordinator
Bettina Ayala
Bettina AyalaFoster Application Processor
Sunny Elmore
Sunny ElmoreForever Foster Coordinator
Steph Barrett
Steph BarrettWebsite Developer
Cyndi Bolseth
Cyndi BolsethAdoptables Foster Coordinator
Beth McCooey
Beth McCooeyWebsite Inquiries
Ashley DavisAdoption Matchmaker
Jan KrehbielAdoption Matchmaker
Leigh DefreeceAdoption Matchmaker
Angela StangerAdoption Matchmaker
Cindy ThompsonAdoption Matchmaker