Oooooooooweeeee! Have we got a Lionel’s Legacy special here for you. Frazier, yes named after the show and character, has a wispy and receding butt line. He is the easiest dog ever, he likes to be held or will quite literally just stand and stare at you until you are ready to hold him. He’s quiet except when doggy friends get too up in his space or steal your attention from him. His owner passed away so we are sure he was numero uno for a long time. he is the kind of dog you can and should bring with you EVERYWHERE! He was recently seen by our vet and lab work was great, he does have a micro-eye which is likely a congenital defect but honest bother him at all. He is scheduled for a dental and will come with sparkling white teeth, whichever ones he has left. Ok, apply now, we thinking Frazier is a bit of a heartbreaker so get ready to stand in line!