Foster Process

When fostering for Lionel’s Legacy, all necessary and approved food, supplies, and medical are provided by Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue. We ask that you commit to fostering until the dog finds his or her forever home or until he or she passes. Fosters are asked to take their foster dogs to vet appointments and events but can reach out to the rescue for help if needed. It’s important that you communicate what type of foster dog would be ideal for you or any limitations you have before making a commitment. You will be required to check in with your assigned FOSTER COORDINATOR monthly and it’s helpful to participate in our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to keep up to date on events and information.


  1. All fosterers must keep foster dogs in a safe and secure place when unsupervised. If you need a crate, playpen, or baby gate please let us know and we will provide you with one. Remember, your foster is in a new environment with new people and other pets and will need a good 2-3 weeks to get settled and acclimated. Please be patient with them and provide them a place they can go if they need a break. It’s easy to want to “baby” your foster dog but please set boundaries to reduce resource guarding and separation anxiety- that means no couches, bed or you! As soon as you see any protective or stressed behaviors please let us know immediately and don’t wait until it’s too late! 
  2. Please use extreme caution when interacting foster dogs with any new animals(yours, family members, friends or strangers). If you are at all concerned with with your foster dog’s or another pet’s body language it’s best to be overly cautious and refrain from interactions. If you need help with interacting your foster dog with new pets please contact us for help. Many of the dogs come to us from stressful shelter environments and we’re learning about them just as you are. 
  3. Please feed dogs separately at all times to prevent any resource guarding or incidents. Also, no shared toys inside the home area. If you would like your foster dog or personal pets to be able to play with toys please put your foster dog in a secure area. No shared outside toys such as balls or rope tugs for at least the first month as you’re getting to know your foster dog. Pets must be supervised while outside together and while sharing any toys. Please refrain from using any squeaky toys which can heighten prey drive in animals. 
  4. All foster dogs must wear their Lionel’s Legacy collar with ID tags on at all times, even when in the home.
  5. Please contact your FOSTER COORDINATOR within 24 hours if you notice any changes in behavior or health, please contact Laura Oliver directly in the event of any emergencies.  (including growling, baring teeth, food, toy, people, or object guarding, lunging, biting, nipping, lethargy, depression, sensitivity to touch, not eating or drinking, diarrhea, frequent urination, circling, tipping over, limping, etc)
  6. Foster coordinators will check in MONTHLY via email, please look for their email and the MONTHLY CHECK-IN’s and reply within 7 days to share pics and updates. We use monthly check-ins to keep donors, monthly sponsors and fans updated. At this time they will ask if there are any changes, what medications your foster is on, if you need refills on medications, food, reimbursement for necessary and approved medications and supplies, and to get an updated picture and a few details about how things are going. DO NOT REPLY WITH “NO CHANGES!” Please answer each question clearly, the more info. The better. Feel free to share something cute or endearing about your foster dog too!
  7. All medication refills must be submitted 2 weeks prior to being empty so that we can call in or order new medications. On occasion, some medications are out of stock or discontinued so advanced warning is appreciated.
  8. All food and supply requests must be submitted 2 weeks prior to being empty, food and supplies are ordered every Friday. Food and supplies can be picked up at adoption events or from Casa De Lionel. If being ordered online, supplies can be sent directly to you.
  9. Vacation requests must be submitted at minimum 3 weeks in advance so we can have time to make arrangements. Please post your request in our Lionel’s Legacy Private FB group. Summer and major holidays are incredibly busy for travel so please give 4-6 weeks notice. If vacation requests aren’t submitted in a timely manner and no temporary foster options are available then you will be responsible for finding placement and paying for boarding. 
  10. Please contact the medical director before going to the vet. If the medical director can’t be reached then please contact your assigned Foster coordinator. Our vets and emergency vets are listed on the following page and also have a copy of our vetting protocols in the event that we can’t be reached. If you choose to use your own vet without authorization you will be responsible for it. 
  11. All fosters with healthy and adoptable seniors are expected to participate in our monthly adoption events or make their foster(s) available to attend. All events are listed on our website, social FB page and LL private FB group. Fosters need to come to the events clean and groomed. If you need help with grooming please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements. Lake Murray Grooming provides FREE grooming for all Lionel’s Legacy dogs, we ask that you provide a tip. Forever/hospice fosters are required to attend events as long as they are healthy. This includes adoption events, fundraisers, meet ups and group potlucks. This helps us see hands-on how our seniors are doing, share our programs with the public and identify any physical or behavioral changes happening that we can’t see in pictures or videos. 
  12. Reimbursement requests MUST FIRST BE APPROVED BY A LIONEL’S LEGACY FOSTER COORDINATOR OR MEDICAL SPECIALIST. Only necessary food, supplies and vetting are reimbursable. All non-essential items are the responsibility of the foster. 

Reimbursements will be processed within the same month. 

  1. Send a receipt to your foster coordinator via email for review.
  2. Once approved, foster coordinator will let you know and place a note in our foster roster
  3. You will need to provide your Venmo or Zelle name, phone number and/or email to your coordinator
  4. Food, supplies and medications are ordered each week and reimbursements should be fulfilled within the same week depending on when the info. is entered 



If you have any additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us!