On occasion, some of our senior sweethearts come to Lionel’s Legacy with terminal illnesses or develop age related medical conditions while in our care. For these seniors, our foster families commit to a lifetime of love and care no matter how long they have left. Lionel’s Legacy will continue to provide food, supplies, and medical for each senior dog while the furever foster families dedicate their lives to helping our senior sweethearts feel like a member of the family.

Murphy - Pit Bull Terrier

Murphy – Pit Bull Terrier

Murphy came to us from the OC shelter and has gone from unable to walk to running around the yard ...
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Babe - Senior female

Babe – Senior female

Babe was part of a bonded duo but sadly her buddy Rascal passed away. She’s relearning how to navigate life ...
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Albert - Chihuahua

Albert – Chihuahua

Sweet little Albert has been with his forever foster for a couple of years now. He joined us from OC ...
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Lovey is a petite, perhaps even a dwarf shepherd weighing in at just 45lbs, with a gorgeous silky soft coat.  She ...
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Happy - Spaniel/Terrier

Happy – Spaniel/Terrier

Happy was given her name for the simplest reason possible, just look at her face! Happy is smart, has a ...
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WEBSTER - Senior Male

WEBSTER – Senior Male

Little old Webster is a frail and dainty little old man at about 6 lbs and 14-15 years of age. Since ...
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CHICALI - Senior Male

CHICALI – Senior Male

Chicali is a big old lug who has spent his life in and out of the shelter and clearly shows ...
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Hunter - young male special needs

Hunter – young male special needs

If you would like to meet Hunter and see just how truly special he is, please fill out an application!HUNTER ...
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Bam Bam - Chihuahua

Bam Bam – Chihuahua

Bam Bam is 5 lbs of absolute chihuahuaness! Bam Bam recently had a dental and many teeth removed. While under ...
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Petey - Very Senior Male

Petey – Very Senior Male

Petey - Schnauzer mix ***MONTHLY SPONSORS NEEDED*** Petey is about 15 years old and is skin and bones. He has ...
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ELIZABETH - Senior female

ELIZABETH – Senior female

Elizabeth is a sweet little old gal dog who is mostly blind but she doesn't let that get in her ...
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OPAL - Senior Female

OPAL – Senior Female

Opal is a sweet little old gal! She has spondylosis and tip toes around like a crusty, broken little old ...
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MAMA CASS  -  Senior Female

MAMA CASS – Senior Female

German Shepherd Dog/Cattle Dog 12 years 3 months old Mama Cass is a delightful Shepherd/Cattle mix weighing in at 50lbs, ...
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Pugsy - Brussels Griffon

Pugsy – Brussels Griffon

Hi I'm Pugsy! I'm one of those dogs that you have to look past my outer appearance to see my ...
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Emmeline - Poodle

Emmeline – Poodle

Sweet Emmeline was one of last year's OBGs (Oldies But Goodies) pulled from the OC Animal Care shelter prior to ...
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Is approx. 13-14 years old and such a lovable and fun girl. Browny joined us from Orange County shelter and ...
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Oscar - Pomeranian

Oscar – Pomeranian

Oscar is a sweet little old man. He follows his foster mom through the house and adores being with his ...
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Sara and Sil - Pit Bull Terrier and Australian Shepherd

Sara and Sil – Pit Bull Terrier and Australian Shepherd

Sara and Sil joined us after their human mommy unexpectedly passed away.  Sara and Sil are 14 and 11 years ...
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Eastwood - Adult Male

Eastwood – Adult Male

[Eastwood- Chiweenie] Eastwood is only about 8 years young but he has an aggressive nasal cancer that is quickly growing ...
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ANGEL - Senior Female

ANGEL – Senior Female

Angel joined us from OC Animal care after her owner passed away. She is one of 4 dogs in the ...
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Nextor Ricky(Foxy) - Corgi/Terrier Mix

Nextor Ricky(Foxy) – Corgi/Terrier Mix

Nextor ricky was named after the online forum Next-door because a neighborhood literally rallied together to advocate for him! Ricky(now ...
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Scrappy - Chihuahua

Scrappy – Chihuahua

Scrappy joined us rather urgently from OC Animal Care after he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and they were ...
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Lilac - Senior Female

Lilac – Senior Female

9 yr. old Lilac is so sweet, good with other dogs, loves little kids and is potty trained. She was ...
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Rascal Flatts joined us from OC animal shelter as part of our OBG(Oldie But Goodie) challenge. Flatts sealed the deal ...
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Paris - Pomeranian

Paris – Pomeranian

Paris is a beautiful 13lb. black Pomeranian until she hits the sunlight, and that's when all her dazzle comes to ...
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Mr. Brown - senior adult

Mr. Brown – senior adult

Downtown Mr. Brown is just that and more!  He doesn’t bark, makes sure to make his rounds to keep the ...
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