At Lionel’s Legacy we strongly believe education is a vital component of our rescue work and mission. Our goal is to expose children to various humane topics that encourages them to think, react, and respond in ways that will benefit their community. Many of our students have a strong love and passion for animals but don’t have access to information and resources. Through our Animal C.A.R.E. Club at Central Elementary, students must participate in a group project each year that benefits people and animals in their community. Students are also exposed to various topics through our expert guest speakers that enables them to become compassionate, advocating, responsible, and educated animal lovers who can share their new found knowledge with peers and family!
Check out their work below and let us know how we can help you get an Animal C.A.R.E. Club up and running in a school near you! contact us at

2012-2014 Collar and Tag Drive

Students raised funds through our succulent sale to purchase and provide 120 personalized collars and tags to students and their pets.

2013-2014 Kennel Enrichment Toys for our Local Shelters

Students made toys for cats, bunnies, and dogs at our local County shelters to provide enrichment while they're awaiting their forever homes. Our Animal CARE club students went on a field trip to our local San Diego shelter and toured the facility while we dropped of the enrichment toys.