How Your Monetary Donation Helps

  • Bloodwork/Urinalysis/Labs: All of our seniors require lab work to help us determine anything that may be going on from the inside that we can’t always see from the outside. We also want to make sure our seniors are treated and cared for before sending them off to their new forever families. $150-200
  • Dental Extractions and Cleaning: Many of our dogs come with extreme dental needs that cause great pain and often inhibit them from eating. Most of our dogs require dental extractions or deep cleaning to provide quality of life. $400-650
  • Spay/Neuter: If medically sound, all of our dogs are spayed or neutered. $100-200
  • Medications/Medical Supplies: All of our dogs are on some form of medication for thyroid, arthritis, pain, or infections. **MEDICATIONS ARE ONE OF OUR LARGEST MAINTENANCE COSTS** $10-50 per month per dog
  • Food/Supplies: Many of our dogs require special diets and supplies. We’re always in great need of special foods to help sustain our senior dogs’ dietary needs. $30-50 per month per dog
  • End of Life Support: Sometimes we have to say goodbye to our beloved seniors. For each senior we help cross over the bridge we also provide a means of closure for the wonderful fosters that help care for them. We provide each foster with a paw print to honor and memorialize their special senior. $100