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Sammy is the sweetest little boy ever, when meeting him you would never believe his mostly blind and diabetic. Sammy is the best dog in the whole wide world except for 2 things – Cars and friends. He doesn’t like cars but he loves friends so much he has to have lots of them. Oh, […]

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Gladys joined Lionel’s Legacy on June 23, 2021, as an owner surrender from Ventura County. After a vet check discovered mammary masses, a hernia, cataracts, poor dental health, and diabetes, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Thankfully, we also knew the perfect forever foster family to place her with.

Here’s her […]

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Evie is a 12 yr old Pomeranian/Chi mix with a lot of sass. She’s an excellent source of snuggles and prefers to sleep with her human. Evie is potty trained, but needs to go out multiple times per day because she doesn’t alert when she needs to do her business. She is uncomfortable on leash […]

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12-year-old Abby came to Lionel’s in November 2020. Though she looked healthy, she did have some hind end weakness and was in dire need of a dental. We patched her up and then she was ready for her forever family. But sometimes when the pups join Lionel’s, we come to realize that they are already […]

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Astrid –

Astrid – senior female

Astrid is an amazing girl who has been through a lot, she sat in a local shelter for 9 months! She has had 3 surgeries over the last few months – the first to remove her mammary masses and a dental, 2nd to repair her dental as her remaining teeth were digging […]

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Ozzey – senior male

Charmingly chatty, yet equally shy and sometimes quirky Ozzey is seeking an adopter who will ease him into the notion that there is a wide and wonderful world awaiting to be explored.  Judging by how filthy he was, we believe he may have been a backyard boy.  He digs little nests in the yard to lay […]

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Greta – senior female

Greta is a very sweet and affectionate potty trained 28 lb 9 yr. old Terrier mix who joined us from our friends at the At-Choo Foundation. They rescue dogs south of the San Diego border and Greta was one of the lucky ones to catch their eye. Greta joined us with skin issues and had a chronic and […]

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Stella – Senior female

Stella is a 13 year old Pomeranian who was surrendered to us when her owner passed away. Stella joined us with congestive heart failure however her owner was unable to provide medication for her. She is currently back on medications and thriving in her forever foster home. Stella has Pom friends in her foster home, […]

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ELIZABETH – Senior female

Elizabeth is a sweet little old gal dog who is mostly blind but she doesn’t let that get in her way! Elizabeth is pretty adaptable for a little old fart but she let us know she’s done moving families and would prefer to stay right where she is, who could argue? Her foster family recently […]

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