LINDY – Senior Female

Lindy is such a pretty and dainty little girl. Her foster mom says she prances around like she’s wearing high heels. She does zoomies in the morning and at night. She even let her foster mom dress her up for the 4th of July. She is great with other dogs but hesitant with new people […]

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FRAZIER – Senior Male

Oooooooooweeeee! Have we got a Lionel’s Legacy special here for you. Frazier, yes named after the show and character, has a wispy and receding butt line. He is the easiest dog ever, he likes to be held or will quite literally just stand and stare at you until you are ready to hold him. He’s […]

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ENZO – Senior Male

Do you need a yoga partner? Meet Enzo. If they handed out Olympic medals for sleeping, Enzo would win the gold! He is as easy as they come. Sweet and cuddly, Enzo is a dream for any house with or without dogs. His little tail works overtime when he hears someone talking to him. He […]

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GRETA – Senior Female

Greta is a very sweet and affectionate potty trained 28 lb 8 yr. old Terrier mix. She loves to snuggle and is willing to watch anything you wish to. She is generally very happy to meet new dogs, but prefers low key dogs.  She enjoys her outings but prefers to get from one place to […]

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Randell – Senior in Training

Randell is a happy go lucky guy! He recently had a big surgery to repair a hernia and has recovered great! Randell loves everyone, humans and dogs alike. Randell loves to go for walks and visit with his neighbors. Randell recently had a dental and lab work shows he’s in good shape for a younger […]

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JULIET – Senior Female

Welcome back Juliet! Now Sweetie Pie was adopted Sept. 2019 and sadly her owner passed. She is such a love bug! If you are the one she bonds with she will forever be by your side. Although she is fine roaming the house and yard with other dogs, she’s not too crazy about sharing her […]

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Hugh Hefner – Senior Male

This ~10 yr old 85-90 lb bundle of labralicious mix of something is a green light on so many levels.  He loves all people, dogs and most likely cats. He did find himself mildly offended by a giant Great Dane during his initial “Let’s test him with big and little dogs”  He greeted most with soft […]

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CURLY – Senior Male

Curly has got to be one of the sweetest and most sensitive little guys ever. He loves to be held like a baby and get massages, he’s ever so quiet, he’s extremely easy going and great with other dogs. He has kyphosis the spine which is the technical term for curvature.  This doesn’t slow him down […]

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FRANCIE – Senior Female

Francie is the most gentle little soul and it is impossible to not fall in love with her giant ears, velvety fur, and ginger-colored whiskers. She can’t see or hear well but is still adventurous and gets plenty of exercise and entertainment by exploring the yard or the house. There is nothing that she loves […]

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ANGEL – Senior Female

Angel is a goofy little marshmallow who wants nothing more than belly rubs and cool breezes. She will do best as the only dog in the house but she will keep you entertained with her funny little quirks and sweetness. Angel is working on losing some weight to keep her healthy for the long-term, but […]

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