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Nextor Ricky(Foxy) – Corgi/Terrier Mix

Nextor ricky was named after the online forum Next-door because a neighborhood literally rallied together to advocate for him! Ricky(now Foxy) is enjoying life in a home where he is loved and cared […]

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Murphy – Pit Bull Terrier


Murphy came to us from OC shelter and has gone from unable to walk to running around the yard. Murphy was also wary of other doggies at first but our foster mum and dad took […]

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Mildred – Pit Bull Terrier

Give me a M, Give me an I, Give me a L, D-R-E-D! What’s that spell??? MILDRED!!! Oh my goodness is this girl a boat load of fun and at the age of 14 doesn’t act a day over 9! She is so obedient, such a […]

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Max Jr. – Chihuahua

***MONTHLY SPONSOR NEEDED*** My name is Maximus(Max for short). I’m a little old guy with lots of personality and live in a home with big and little dogs. I have travelled the United States with my foster mom and have experienced a lot in my short […]

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Bonnie(Teetee) – Rat Terrier

Sweet little Bonnie is 14 years young and was found tied up to a pole. Good samaritans rescued her and brought her to the shelter. She is a sweet and spunky little lass who is feeling so much better after having an extreme dental makeover. It’s truly amazing how important dental care is […]

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Abby – Dachshund/Spaniel


Abby is a sweet little old blind long haired Dachshund who just wants to be held. She has been with her foster mom for 4 years now and they are inseparable! Wherever Janet goes Abby comes too, even if it means on vacation. Abby is blind […]

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