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Paris – Pomeranian

Paris is a beautiful 13lb. black Pomeranian until she hits the sunlight, and that’s when all her dazzle comes to life. Her coat glistens with a mix of auburn that is just stunning and almost hard to comprehend. She is easy on leash, super comfortable out in public, an easy rider but curious and wants […]

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Scrappy – Chihuahua

Scrappy joined us rather urgently from OC Animal Care after he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and they were unable to treat him.  As a senior dog rescue with foster families willing to open their homes to old guys and gals for life, we knew Scrappy would be an LL lifer which isn’t such […]

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Roxie – Terrier Mix

I may be from Louisiana but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to be a Cali gal!  I’m super chill and easy going, my new motto is LIFE’S A BEACH.  I was rescued from a Louisiana shelter to make room for the survivors of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  I love my friends and my […]

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Sara and Sil – Pit Bull Terrier and Australian Shepherd


Sara and Sil joined us after their human mommy unexpectedly passed away.  Sara and Sil are 14 and 11 years of age, and Sara has epilepsy.  They have been together since they were young, and it was critical to their wellbeing that they stay together.  They live with their forever foster […]

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Albert – Chihuahua

Albert is a cute and squatty little man who is ready to snuggle, go fishing, take a walk, or just listen. He requires very little but gives so much in return.  Albert is great with little kids and dogs big and small. The only thing he has an aversion to is mornings, don’t we all?

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Emmeline – Poodle

Sweet Emmeline was one of this year’s OBGs (Oldies But Goodies) pulled from the OC Animal Care shelter prior to the 4th of July. Poor little Emmeline had been hit by a car and suffered multiple pelvic fractures. On top of that, she had a large mammary mass. Our plan had been to wait for […]

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Pugsy – Brussels Griffon


Hi I’m Pugsy! I’m one of those dogs that you have to look past my outer appearance to see my true beauty within. I recently had a dental and my skin is now under control. I came from an owner who just didn’t know how to help me and now Lionel’s Legacy has helped get […]

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Major – Basset Hound/Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Major is a Dr. Seuss mix of short Basset legs and brindle Staffordshire stripes. He is special inside and out, is a sensitive guy, is slightly vision and hearing impaired, and has arthritis due to his unique build. Major recently had a dental and an anal gland mass removed. He sometimes needs a morning sniff […]

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Happy – Spaniel/Terrier

Happy was given her name for the simplest reason possible, just look at her face! Happy is smart, has a permanent puppy face, and loves to go swimming and ride on boats. Because Happy was a bit overweight before coming to us, she does have a weakened trachea so we use a harness while walking […]

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Deja – Pit Bull Terrier

This lovely girl was surrendered to a shelter by her family at the age of 13 with a host of medical issues. We were fortunate to have a foster family step up for her, and she has settled in wonderfully in her […]

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