Astrid – senior female

Astrid is an amazing girl who has been through a lot, she sat in a local shelter for 9 months! She has had 3 surgeries over the last few months – the first to remove her mammary masses and a dental, 2nd to repair her dental as her remaining teeth were digging holes into her gums and remove a mast cell tumor, and 3rd another surgery to remove another mammary mass that popped up. You’d think that would be enough to make her jaded but her smile tells you she’s all about focusing on the future! After all that she still managed to find herself an amazing foster mum and dad with canine siblings. Admittedly she really hated them at first but now they curl up on dog beds together. She is so spoiled which is everything we wanted for her. We are hoping her cancer doesn’t return too quickly so she can enjoy being a princess! For now she’s on anti-inflammatories¬†for her arthritis and doing well.

Thank you to Leslie Bernal for being Astrid’s monthly sponsor!