Take a look at our adoptable seniors! Make sure to scroll down to view all of them. If you’d like to start the adoption process, please fill out an Adoption Application. Lionel’s Legacy is an all volunteer organization so please allow 3-4 business days for a response. Additionally, some of our senior sweeties receive multiple applications so if the dog you are interested in is no longer available we will try to match you up with a senior that fits what you are looking for!

GRETA - Senior Female

GRETA – Senior Female

Greta is a very sweet and affectionate potty trained 28 lb 8 yr. old Terrier mix. She loves to snuggle ...
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CAMERON  -  Senior Male

CAMERON – Senior Male

Chihuahua/Dachshund 8 years 10 months old***SPECIAL NEEDS, COMES WITH WHEELS*** Cameron is a Chihuahua Doxie mix or as we like ...
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HIPPY - Senior Female

HIPPY – Senior Female

Mama Mia aka Hippy is a senior gal that's had a rough life but she has lots of love to ...
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COCO  -  Senior Male

COCO – Senior Male

Labrador Retriever 9 years 0 months old Wait no longer, Coco is ready to join a family. Coco was in ...
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BABE  -  Senior Female

BABE – Senior Female

Shih Tzu 10 years 2 months old Babe was part of a bonded duo but sadly her buddy Rascal passed ...
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FRANCIE - Senior Female

FRANCIE – Senior Female

Francie is the most gentle little soul and it is impossible to not fall in love with her giant ears, ...
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KIERA  -  Senior Female

KIERA – Senior Female

American Staffordshire Terrier 8 years 2 months old Kiera is settling in nicely with her foster brothers. She enjoys the ...
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BARLEY - Senior Male

BARLEY – Senior Male

Barley is about 8-9 years young, and he is one smart cookie and knows sit and lay down. He will ...
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MAMA CASS  -  Senior Female

MAMA CASS – Senior Female

German Shepherd Dog/Cattle Dog 12 years 3 months old Mama Cass is a delightful Shepherd/Cattle mix weighing in at 50lbs, ...
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SINNABUN  -  Young Female

SINNABUN – Young Female

Sinnabun is a 2-3 year old Chocolate Lab who was believed to be hit by a car in January of ...
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ANGEL - Senior Female

ANGEL – Senior Female

Angel is a goofy little marshmallow who wants nothing more than belly rubs and cool breezes. She will do best ...
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ELIZABETH  -  Senior Female

ELIZABETH – Senior Female

Dachshund/Chihuahua 10 years 2 months old Elizabeth is a sweet little dog who gets along with everyone. She may be ...
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Hugh Hefner - Senior Male

Hugh Hefner – Senior Male

This ~10 yr old 85-90 lb bundle of labralicious mix of something is a green light on so many levels.  ...
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Randell - Male Medical Needs

Randell – Male Medical Needs

Randell from Barstow Humane Society was declined by multiple rescues due to his medical needs. Thanks to Loretta and Eldad ...
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OLIVIA  -  Senior Female

OLIVIA – Senior Female

Shih Tzu 10 years 4 months old Ms. Olivia Newton John wants to know is she "the one that you ...
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EDGAR - Senior Male

EDGAR – Senior Male

This lovely 8 year old boy is seeking a forever home. His name is Edgar Allen Poe aka Poe for ...
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Fenway - Courtesy post Male

Fenway – Courtesy post Male

This is Fenway from Underdog Alliance and Lionel's Legacy. Look how tolerant he is, he's the most perfect boy ever- ...
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JULIET - Senior Female

JULIET – Senior Female

Welcome back Juliet! Now Sweetie Pie was adopted Sept. 2019 and sadly her owner passed. She is such a love ...
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VIOLET - Senior Female

VIOLET – Senior Female

Violet is an 11 year old Lab/Hound mix that is waiting to fill your heart with joy. Inside she pretends to ...
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JOY - Senior Female

JOY – Senior Female

Joy is approximately 8-9 years young and recently joined Lionel's Legacy. She is on the tiny side but loves squirming ...
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RUFUS - Senior Male

RUFUS – Senior Male

7-8 year old Rufus by most standards is not what most would consider a looker! Most people look at him ...
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LITTLE CONNER  -  Senior Male


Shih Tzu 10 years 6 months old Little Connor is such a funny little guy. Honestly, if you've never experienced ...
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CURLY - Senior Male

CURLY – Senior Male

Curly has got to be one of the sweetest and most sensitive little guys ever. He loves to be held ...
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