Swim 4 Life Fundraiser

Lionel’s Legacy believes in giving each of our senior dogs access to multiple forms of treatment to support their needs. Often times senior dogs come to us with age related mobility issues and need a combination of good medications and rehabilitation services. We have successfully rehabilitated or extended the life of numerous senior dogs such as Lt. Dan, Jak Jak, Sadie, and Blanca thanks to hydrotherapy! So far we have spent over $5,000 for rehabilitation services for multiple dogs and NOW we have the most incredible opportunity to continue this work and increase services for our seniors with our very own hydrotherapy swim spa. A local family found out about our DREAM to provide additional therapy services for our dogs so they offered their very own swim spa for a fraction of the cost. They were driven to help us since they too have a 15 year old Husky themselves and appreciate the work we do for our senior sweeties.

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